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The #1 Payroll For Growing Businesses

Thera is a better way to run payroll. Meet the new standard for modern workforce management. Streamline payroll, benefits and compliance

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Employer Of Record

Employer Of Record

Employer Of Record

Employer Of Record

Meet Thera

Globally enabled, highly scalable and streamlined.

Blazing fast

Built with speed in mind. Locally compliant contracts, fast payments, and so much more.

Highly scalable

Whether you’re a single person company or a large enterprise, we can support you.

Globally enabled

Hire as an international contractor or an FTE under our employer of record solution.

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Streamlined onboarding workflows

We built workflows around onboarding and paying your team. Onboard with one of our contracts, provide your own.


Build better morale by providing best in class benefits

Thera offers a full suite of benefits offerings. We provide ICHRAs for distributed teams or more traditional small group health insurance.


Build with a global mindset from day one

With Thera you get a global toolkit to hire international contractors or FTEs. We make it easy to comply with complex local labor laws.