Country specific hiring info

A compliant independent contractor agreement for hiring in Qatar

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Country specific hiring info

A compliant independent contractor agreement for hiring in Qatar

Get your independent contractor agreement in Qatar for $0

Hey, we’re Thera: The platform built for hiring and paying contractors, all over the world. We’ve got locally-compliant contracts in more than 150 countries—written to comply with local contracting laws in places like Qatar.

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Answering all your questions about independent contractor agreements in Qatar

You probably have questions. We’re here to answer them. Below, you’ll learn all the extra stuff you should probably know before putting together an independent contractor agreement for Qatar.

Why do I need an independent contractor agreement in Qatar?

Having a written agreement when hiring is super helpful to set everything up from the get-go. And it doesn’t just apply to contracting in Qatar but also in the rest of the world. It covers important info like what the job is, how long it'll last, how much you'll pay the contractor, and if there are any other outstanding obligations for both sides. When you've agreed on all these things, you can start the project with no worries.

What do contractor agreements in Qatar typically need to have?

Every contractor agreement in Qatar (and, the rest of the world) can be broken up into two parts:

  • Contract-specific variables: This includes things like scope of work, rate, and deadline. They’re the project-specific variables that you’ll include with each contract, and are totally dependent on what type of work you’re hiring a contractor to do.
  • Everything else: Besides things like scope and deadline, every independent contractor agreement in Qatar should follow a similar structure. If you want to grab your own contract with a compliant structure for Qatar, sign up to Thera
What makes contractors different from employees in Qatar?

If you are considering hiring someone in Qatar, you may be unsure whether to hire an independent contractor or an employee. In general, it is often more convenient and cost-effective to hire an independent contractor when hiring from a foreign country. This option is quicker and easier to arrange, and it can also provide more flexibility for both parties in the agreement.

Here are a few of the key things that make contractors different from employees in Qatar:

  • Contractors can set their own schedules
  • Contractors can work with their own software and tools 
  • Contractors can work for other clients 
  • Contractors rarely receive benefits, like health insurance*

*With Thera, you can get your contractors access to sign up for premium global health insurance, from SafetyWing, at a 50% discount.

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