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Hire, Pay and Manage your team compliantly

Pay your remote team with 100% local compliance. Manage your payroll, benefits and reports in one place.
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Introducing Thera

Local Compliance

Hire remote contractors and employees from over 135 countries with our localized contracts. Stay in full compliance with local regulations.


Remote Benefits

Premium health insurance benefits (medical, dental, vision), equipment, and financial benefits. Easy to onboard and offboard.


Fast Payments

Safe and secure payments in over 150 currencies. Run payroll in one click for all your global employees.

Fast payments

Dedicated Slack

No more delays. We'll create a dedicated Slack Connect channel so you can get all your questions answered within twenty-four hours.

Thera has been a great alternative to a PEO. Thera has made it easy for us to navigate different regulations in five different states.

Elizabeth Almaraz

Founder, Spring

Thera has been a fantastic global hiring partner. They made it easy for us to navigate different regulations in five different countries.
Elizabeth Almaraz

Founder, Spring

We've had a phenomenal experience with Thera. They've been essential in our global expansion into Europe and Asia.
Phet Putrie

Founder, Candor

Thera makes it easy for us to manage our distributed workforce. We can onboard new contractors within minutes.
Lara Madrigal

COO, Inspire

We knew from the start we were going to be a remote company and Thera made HR and payroll a breeze.

Adam Eagleston

Founder, Solve

We shifted to full-remote after the pandemic and Thera gave us an easy solution to keep our EOR costs down without compromise.
Dylan MacCaffery

CEO, Stark Network

Thera was super easy to roll out and provided our employees with a fully compliant and easy-to-use platform.

Waiapi Karaka

VP of People, Moxie Marketing