How Emtech reduced HR costs over $10,000 by implementing Thera

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$10,000 saved by implementing Thera

80% time saved running payroll monthly


Emtech is on the bleeding edge of fintech innovation - modernizing central bank infrastructure. Emtech’s API-first approach powers a modern interface between central banks, regulators and financial service providers through their sandbox, compliance reporting and CBDC infrastructure. Today, they trust Thera to maintain airtight HR operations for their global team.

The Challenge

Compliantly hiring FTE’s in 3 different countries is a tall order

Emtech works in a heavily regulated industry - banking. Since banks expect their partners to pass rigorous regulatory checks, every detail had to be accounted for. 

However, Emtech quickly realized corporate entity creation in 3 separate countries is logistically complex with costly fees.

  • Emtech lacked the HR expertise to properly register employees in countries outside the United States.
  • Taking on this operational burden would cost tens of thousands of dollars and multiple weeks of their staff’s time to figure out, hoping they don’t make any paperwork mistakes.

They experimented with an Employer of Record (EOR) solution with Omnipresent, but it was an arrangement where customer service was poor and prices were high. So, Emtech set out to find an affordable, sustainable solution to pay their team.

The Solution

Thera handles international payroll and compliance

To ensure their employees were registered properly in their country of employment, Emtech needed a HR partner who would: 

  1. Have existing knowledge and experience in the specific countries
  2. Be fast and cost-effective

Thera matched up to both crucial standards. 

With the Thera Employer of Record solution, Emtech’s international payroll processes have become thorough, fast, and reliable.

The Results

Thera helps Emtech grow on a global scale

Since onboarding with Thera over six months ago, Emtech has seen impressive results, including:

  • 80% time saved running payroll monthly
  • $10,000 saved by implementing Thera

Thera is the perfect solution for Emtech’s team to focus on building their company, and let payroll run on autopilot.

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